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Sunday Worship, Dec 6 and Christmas Details

Posted by Canada Every Nation Mission on December 5, 2015 at 9:30 PM

Sunday Worship, Dec 6th


Dear all, missed seeing some of you for a while! Work and school have been busy for us. May we take time to rest our souls and connect with our source and creator. Join us this week for the last ENM fellowship this semester!


More details on Christmas Celebration (Dec 13th) below. Please read on.


2:00pm - Praise

2:30pm - Sermon (Book of Acts)

3:30pm - Small Group Bible Study


Joy's Group: Basic Principles of Christianity

John's Group: Boundaries in Marriage

Youth Group: Christmas Ornaments Session #2.


Everyone please join craft making after bible study. We need to make more for fundraising use! Use your creativity and make anything you want! Examples:


Snacks: Prepared by Joy. Thank you, Joy!

Upcoming Events

Dec 13 - Christmas Celebration

Goal: To share the meaning of Christmas, through message, talents, food, game and friendship.

•Invite your VIP's: family, friends, anyone who needs to hear the gospel!

Please sign up for Serving and Talent Show through this link:


We need game director, childcare volunteer, equipment volunteer, decoration team, photographer, usher, VIP care and more.

For those who are good at cooking, please share your best dish with us! Or feel free to serve drinks, fruits or snacks!

We will be collecting donation for Nepal Church and Ophange Home from now till Dec 31.

Dec 20, 27

Winter Break - One Day Ski Trip

Sign up now with Pastor John - [email protected]

Dec 31

Year End Prayer Night - Share, pray, plan and eat Korean Rice Cake Soup!

Jan 3

Fellowship reopens for Year 2016. 

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