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Sermon Notes - The Definition of Marriage

Posted by Canada Every Nation Mission on June 13, 2012 at 10:15 PM

The Definition of marriage-June/10/2012




"That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh."



Leave +Unite =One flesh


■ Leave: It will be changed decision maker


■ Unite:Love+Respect


■ One flesh: Physical,Emotional,Spiritual oneness



They live happily ever after-



12 tests for true love before you are married



1.Do I love only his/her appearance, or his heart, and whole being?



2. Do I mind that I spend my money for him/her?



3.Do I long for him/her when he/she is away for a while, and do I have joy, comfort and freedom when I meet him/her?



4.Do I trust in him whatever he says or does without any doubts?



5. Am I able to talk about him(her) to others?



6.Does our relationship come only from friendship and compassion or affection?



7. Is he sincere or not?-words, actions..



8. a-Do I get jealous and compete with him or praise him?


b-Can we easily reconcile after a fight?


9. Do I respect his family?



10.When I am making plans for the future whose benefit am I thinking about ?(benefit for me or both of us)



11.Am I ready to accept him for who he is(weaknesses, wants..)?



12. Do I change my mind about him when he shares his problems or his weaknesses?





A beautiful marriage is built up on true love.


True love does not depend on the condition of appearances, but it depends on the inner being of the person. Appearances will be changed by time but the beauty of the inner being is not changed, because it is who he is.


Marriage is a relationship for a life time, therefore before we get married we must ask ourselves if we have true love for each other.


If you can say yes, you are ready to move into the new world…


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